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Q1: Are masks required at school?

A: A Public Health Order from the Chief Medical Officer of Health has made wearing a mask mandatory for students in grades 4 through 12, staff including bus drivers, and visitors in all areas outside of the classroom, including buses.

Masks do not need to be worn while consuming food or drink in a designated area (the classroom), when engaging in physical exercise, or when seated at a desk or table in the classroom (so long as desks are arranged so they do not face each other and with the greatest possible distance between seated students).

Students with medical, physical, or mental considerations are also except from the mandated mask wearing at school.

Q2: Will hand sanitizing stations be available?

A: Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at entrances and exits to schools and classrooms. Students, staff, and visitors must hand sanitize when entering and exiting the school. Regular hand hygiene must be practiced throughout the day (before and after eating, after using the washroom, etc.). Students may also bring their own individual hand sanitizer to school.

Q3: Who will provide safety supplies?

A: Schools will provide safety supplies such as hand sanitizer and wipes. The Government of Alberta will be providing each student and staff member with two (2) reusable non-medical masks. Families will be responsible for ensuring masks are washed regularly. Students are also encouraged to bring extra supplies to school, such as additional masks or individual hand sanitizers. Disposable masks will be available for students who forget their reusable masks at home.

Q4: What cleaning enhancements will be in place at school?

A: Along with regular nightly cleaning of the school, extra emphasis will be placed on cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as water fountains and bathrooms throughout the day. A daily cleaning log of these areas will be kept in order to ensure they are cleaned frequently and must be signed off on by custodians. Custodians will prioritize the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces above less crucial or time-sensitive cleaning tasks