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STAR Catholic provides busing service through a variety of options including cooperative busing agreements with public school boards which operate buses in areas where our students live.

Our Division provides transportation for students who live 2.4 km or further from their designated school and within our formed school boundaries. Students who live less than 2.4 kms of their designated school or outside the division formed boundaries may have the option of conditional busing. Please contact the Division Transportation Office at 780-986-2500 if you require more information.

Please complete the Busing Registration Form below by June 30th before the new school year. If you are new to the school, please complete your form as soon as possible.

You will receive your busing route by the last week of August. Registrations made after June 30 will be handled on a first come, first served basis. If there is not enough space on the bus, you may be put on a waiting list. Depending on when you complete your Busing Registration Form, it may take up to two weeks to process. 




Online Busing Registration


(The Parent, Guardian or Independent Student's name and contact information is to be filled in and the form completed for the students busing requirements)


Street and house number or rural 911 address

Qtr Sec Twp Rge Meridian. Example: NW 17 50 23 W4th

If Pick-up/Drop Off Address is different than above address, please indicate here.

The standard is to have one Bus Stop for both the Pick-up and Drop-off location.

(Input additional information that you believe the transportation department will require to understand and process this request)

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Student 4

Please provide information (ie: medical - including severe allergies, physical) that the bus driver or Transportation Officer needs to know:

Conditions & Notes:

  1. Students who live 2.4 kilometres or more from their designated school will have first option for space availability on Star Catholic contracted buses operating in their area.
  2. Conditional transportation will be available to students who are living less than 2.4 kilometres from their designated school based upon age (youngest to oldest) and distance from the designatedschool, and based on available seating space.
  3. Approval for students living less than 2.4 kms may be reviewed when additional space is required for students residing 2.4 kms or more from school.
  4. “Transportation Requests” received by August 15th will be processed prior to buses running in September. After August 15th, please allow two weeks for processing of transportation requests.

Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible

The Star Catholic School Division expects students riding on school buses to behave in an exemplary manner ensuring the safety of all passengers. To ride on the School buses, students are required to comply with the following rules:

  1. Students are to demonstrate the same respect, consideration and cooperation to their driver as they demonstrate to their teachers & parents
  2. The bus driver is to be obeyed in a prompt and courteousmanner for the safety of everyone.
  3. Students will follow behavioral standards while riding the school bus, that reflect being respectful, safe & responsible.
  4. Students may carry on conversations in quiet tones and noise is to be limited.
  5. For Safety reasons, students are to sit properly facing the front of the bus, and shall not stand or move about the bus while it is motion.
  6. Students will not engage in harassment, bullying, violence, threatening, fighting, or discriminatory behaviors or non-respectful behaviours.
  7. Students must follow rules relating to appropriate use and operations of electronic devices while on the bus.

Upon approval of the “Transportation Request”, it is agreed that:

  1. Students will comply with the above terms.
  2. Applicable fees will be paid promptly or arrangements made with the school for payments by September 30th. Non-payment will result in the students losing access to the bus transportation service. The transportation fees are determined by the Board of Trustees and Fees are found on the website under documents Administrative Procedure (AP) 505 Appendix A.