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Cancellation & Delay

Cancellation/Delay Procedures

Cancellation decisions are made with as much notice as possible, typically the night before or by 6:30 a.m. that morning. When the decision to cancel or the need to announce a bus delay is made, then the following steps are taken:

  1. Bus Status on the division website and the school website are updated with a “Cancelled or Delayed” status and message. 
  2. An automated dial-out/email system notifies parents of affected bus routes.
  3. If required, local radio stations are contacted to share the information. This is usually only done for bus cancellations.
  4. School and Division administration are informed of the cancellation.

STAR Catholic School Division normally keeps its schools open even when all buses are cancelled, and parents may still choose to bring their children to school.

Procedures may vary by community depending on the busing arrangements and contracts. If your children are bused by a public school division under our cooperative busing agreement, please contact their office for their procedures and announcements.

Cancellation/Delay - Frequently Asked Questions