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How do I contact my bus driver?

Messages for bus drivers can be delivered through the division transportation office at 780-986-2500 or

What happens if a child doesn’t follow the bus rules?

Bus drivers do not directly discipline students. Drivers may address misbehaviour and communicate expectations to the student, as well as contact parents to discuss the situation.

Drivers are required to report unresolved and repeated misconduct issues to school principals. Depending on the circumstances, the principal may suspend a student from riding the bus until the matter has been resolved.

What should I do if my child is having problems on the bus?

If your child is having problems with another student, they should talk with the bus driver, their principal, or teacher. If your child reports a problem to you, please contact your school principal.

If your child is having problems with their bus driver, please contact the transportation office at

Why does my child have to cross a road to get to their pick-up location?

Depending on where a stop is located along a route, your child may need to cross a street on their way to their stop. Should you have a concern relating to the location of the bus stop, please contact the Transportation Officer 780-986-2500.

What should I do if my child has not arrived home at the usual time?

If the bus is delayed by more than nine minutes, you will be notified through SchoolMessenger.

Contact the Division Transportation Officer (780-986-2500) if your bus service is provided by our Division. If your child rides another division's buses, please contact their transportation department for information. 

Can my child bring personal items on the bus?

Any items that cannot be safely kept in a backpack (sports equipment, musical instruments, scooters, skateboards, etc.) cannot be brought on the bus.

Can my child bring a friend from school home with them on the bus?

Only registered riders are allowed on the bus. If your child wants to bring a friend home from school, you will need to make alternate transportation plans.

What if I am not at the bus stop to pick up my kindergarten child?

If you are not able to meet your child at the bus stop, you must make alternate arrangements. Please let the driver know of your arrangements. 

If you are not at the stop to meet your child, the driver will keep them on the bus and notify the Division. If you cannot be contacted, the driver will take your child back to the school where you will need to pick them up.