Mission & Vision

Arriving at these statements was a wonderful journey and one STAR Catholic’s Board of Trustees is proud to say reflects our students and staff, parents and parish partners.

The process to new Mission and Vision statements began September 2015, when STAR Catholic surveyed its stakeholders. More than 2,100 respondents reflected on the existing statements and on the question of what STAR Catholic means to them. From there we brought stakeholders that represented all of STAR Catholic’s communities to view the themes emerging from the survey and dig deeper into what STAR Catholic’s mission and vision should look like. At this session in October 2015 and through the enthusiastic collaboration of our STAR Catholic community the picture of what our mission and vision should be started to become clearer.

STAR Catholic’s Mission and Vision committee worked to take the feedback from the consultation and with a focus group asked for feedback on initial drafts. The Board then provided its feedback, which went into the final versions, accepted in March 2016 and officially adopted in May 2016.