Scholarships & Bursaries

STAR Catholic Schools recognizes that there are standards of excellence attained by students. We will publicly recognize exceptional student accomplishments and achievements on an annual basis and financially sponsor the following awards at the junior and senior high school levels:

Junior High Honour Roll

Each student who is named to the Honour Roll will receive a bursary of $25 or a school memento up to a vaulue of $25. Criteria are determined by the school.

Senior High Honour Roll

Each student who is named to the Honour Roll will receive a bursary of $50 or a school memento up to a value of $50. Criteria are as follows:
An overall average of 80 per cent or more within the grade in English, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Social Studies, and one science course.

Division Scholarship

Awarded annually to the graduating Grade 12 student in each high school who has achieved the highest overall average in 35 credits at the 30 level (must include English and Religious Studies). Award: School Plaque and $700.

Governor General’s Academic Medal (Sponsored by Government of Canada)

Awarded to the graduating student who achieves the highest academic standing in the graduating class as per Governor General’s Academic Medal Directives below:

  1. A bronze medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from a secondary school.
  2. The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student’s official Transcript of Grades issued by the Ministry of Education.  The average cannot be anticipated; it must be calculated based on final results after provincial/territorial examinations, where the ministry of education requires final exams.
  3. Equitable access for the entire student population is an important aspect of the medal’s value.  Regardless of the stream or the subjects chosen, all students are eligible for consideration upon graduation.
  4. Courses taken after graduation to upgrade marks are not to be included

    Award: Bronze Medallion

100 Per Cent Club Scholarship

Awarded to the student who achieves 100 per cent on a Provincial Diploma Exam.
Award: $500 scholarship.

Superintendent’s Cup

Awarded to the graduating student who has shown the most improvement academically and/or socially has attended all high school years at a STAR Catholic High School. Award: Trophy and $100.

STAR Catholic Award High School Scholarship

Awarded to the graduating students who have achieved a minimum of 130 credits earned at a STAR Catholic High School which includes credits earned during the summer before grade 10 and the summer after the initial grade 12 year.

Award: 130 to 139 Credits – $300 Scholarship, 140+ Credits – $600 Scholarship, 150+ Credits – $900 Scholarship.

In addition to the above mentioned student recognition, each school offers scholarships and bursaries specific to their school. Please contact your local school for details.

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