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What does “designated school” mean?

Your designated school is determined by how far you live away from the school and/or special programming.

What does “school of choice” mean?

Any school that is not your “designated school” is considered to be a “school of choice.” Busing is not provided for school of choice.

What does conditional rider mean?

A conditional rider means a student who is not funded for transportation by Alberta Education and approved by STAR Catholic School Division to ride a bus. Bus fees apply for conditional riders.

Our family lives less than 2.4 km from our designated school. Are we still able to receive bus service?

If you live closer than 2.4 km from your designated school, you may apply for conditional bus service. To be approved for conditional bus service, there must be space on the bus route, your child must use an existing bus stop, and you must pay a busing fee.

When should my child arrive at their bus stop in the morning?

Your child should be at their bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive in the morning. Buses are required to keep on schedule and cannot wait.

Why can’t the bus pick my child up in front of our house?

School buses take the safest and most efficient route to and from school; additional stops increase ride time for students.

How are bus stop locations chosen?

Student pick-up and drop-off locations may change from time-to-time and are based on ridership, location of students, and the safest location for the bus to stop.

Can my child be dropped off at a different location (i.e. daycare, family friend’s home, etc.)?

Please contact the transportation department at 780-986-2500 or to discuss alternate drop off locations.

Who do I call if my child won’t be on the bus?

There is no need to notify your school or the transportation department if your child will not be on the bus. If your child is not at their stop when the bus arrives, the driver will assume they will not be riding that day. Students must be at their stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.

What happens if we move during the school year?

Notify your school office of your address change. Please complete a new Busing Registration Form as soon as you know you are moving. It may take up to two weeks for a route adjustment. 

How will I learn about changes to my child's bus route?

If your children ride buses operated by another school division, contact their transportation department directly to find out how you will be notified of changes in bus schedules.

STAR Catholic uses SchoolMessenger to send emails, text and/or voice messages to notify families of changes to their bus route. Please ensure your school has your current contact information.

You can also find updated bus status information on our website. To sign up for "Text" messaging, please test "Yes" to 978338.

Will my child need a bus pass?

Students will need to have their bus pass with them so it can be shown to the bus driver if requested.

Students who do not show their pass will be taken to school on the bus in the morning, but parents will need to make alternate arrangements to get them home in the afternoon.

If a student loses their bus pass, they must come to their school office to receive a replacement.