Sacred Heart Faith Fair a success for second straight year


For the second straight year, Sacred Heart School shared in the spirit of faith and community with the annual Faith Fair.

Faith Fair, held Feb. 23, was born through STAR Catholic’s Board-sponsored evangelization grant. It is an event where the students share in a variety of sessions that celebrates and focuses them on faith in their lives.  This year presenters ranged from Sacred Heart Parish’s Deacon Leo Farley to Greg Gagnon, CAEDM Coordinator of the Office of Aboriginal Relations to Eugene Alexis, drummer and artist from Alexis Nakoda Sioux Nation.

“He is a renowned artist, drummer and composer of Indigenous, spiritual music. His paintings are influenced by his Catholicity and Indigenous spirituality,” said Melanie Toohey, teacher and event organizer. “If we can create parallels between our Catholicity and our Indigenous spirituality, of which there are many, I see that as reconciliatory. The more we can do that, the more we can include those Indigenous aspects into our faith then we are going to create a context for students to feel at home and welcome.”

Other presenters were Red Deer Catholic Youth Minister Peter van Kampen, STAR Catholic Youth Minister James Sangster, and STAR Catholic’s Director of Faith Life & Religious Education Clare Ganton.

A big addition this year was that of a concert for students to cap off the day with Calgary-based Wake Up Starlight, which includes lead singer and guitarist Caleb Cummings, drummer Chris Nobel, and bassist Dave Janssen.

“We are just honest in our performance,” said Cummings.

“We just look for honesty in music and for us that does incorporate our walk with God, and life together that way.”

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