Municipal Election 2021

Election day is October 18, 2021.

Nominations for the general election will be open between January 1, 2021 and September 20, 2021.

What is a School Trustee?

There are 62 public, separate, and francophone school boards in Alberta that are elected by and held accountable to the communities they serve. Through the Education Act, the Government of Alberta delegates much of its authority for the governance of education to locally elected boards.

Some of the work done by the Board of Trustees includes:

  • Setting priorities for the Division with consideration of community needs, available resources and sound educational practice
  • Setting goals and priorities for the Division
  • Making decisions regarding the health and safety of their students
  • Ensuring the best interests of students, teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers are considered
  • Evaluating the Superintendent 
  • Adopting an annual budget for the Division
  • Making policy to guide Administration and employees  
  • Engaging with the community and staff on behalf of the Division
  • Educating others to ensure education is given a high priority by the public
  • Sharing Division achievements with the community 
  • Gathering information in order to make sound decisions 
  • Lobbying all levels of government to ensure the voices of the Division and community are heard

(Adapted from the Alberta School Boards Association)

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Election Timelines

Government of Alberta's COVID-19 Guidance for Elections.