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Board Policy Handbook

Introduction – Table of Contents

Policy 1:Division Foundational Statements
Policy 1: Appendix A – Division Logo
Policy 2 : Role Of The Board
Policy 2: Appendix A – Canon Law
Policy 2: Appendix B – Board Self-Evaluation
Policy 3: Role Of The Trustee
Policy 4: Trustee Code Of Ethics
Policy 4: Appendix A
Policy 4: Appendix B
Policy 5: Role Of The Board Chair
Policy 6: Role Of The Vice-Chair
Policy 7: Board Operations
Policy 8: Committees Of The Board
Policy 8:  Appendix A
Policy 9 Board Representatives
Policy 10: Policy Making
Policy 11: Board Delegation Of Authority
Policy 12: Role Of The Superintendent
Policy 13: Appeals And Hearings Regarding Student Matters
Policy 14: Hearings On Teacher Transfers
Policy 15: School Closures
Policy 16 : Recruitment And Selection Of Personnel
Policy 17: Catholicity And Catholic Lifestyle
Policy 18: School Fundraising
Policy 18: Appendix A – Fundraising Societies Handbook
Policy 19: Charitable Donations
Policy 20: Safe and Caring Schools
Policy 21: Vaccinations
Policy 22: Divisional Prayer and Patriotism