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Safety and Security

The safety and security of all our students is a top priority for STAR Catholic Schools. Please report compliments or concerns about bus service to the STAR Catholic Division Transportation Officer (Cell: 780.690.6318) or email

How do I contact my bus driver?

Contact your school office or the Division Transportation Officer (Cell: 780.690.6318), and they will forward your message to the driver.

How are children expected to behave when riding the bus?

Students are expected to:

  1. Stay in their seat, facing forward,
  2. Keep their voices at a normal speaking volume,
  3. Not to use swearing or sexually descriptive words.
  4. Not disturbing other students,
  5. Keep hands, feet and body in seating area with their seat on the bus seat,
  6. Use electronic devices in an appropriate manner without disturbing other individuals,
  7. and treat the bus driver with courtesy and respect.

Follow the bus driver’s directions and instructions all times.

What are the consequences and discipline process if a child doesn’t follow the rules?

To protect the safety of both your child and the other children on the bus, students must follow the rules and obey instructions and direction from the driver.

Bus drivers do not directly discipline students, however they may address misconduct issues and communicate expected behaviour with the student and consequences such as reassigning seats to address a behavior concern, or in extreme cases, pull the bus over in a safe location until riders behave and follow instructions. The bus driver may contact the parent to discuss the situation. Drivers are required to report unresolved and repeated misconduct issues to the principals.

When students do not act in a manner which is in the best interest of the safety of all riders on the bus, the driver will speak to the student and outline what is required and expected. If the actions of the student are to not show compliance, then the driver will discuss the situation with the student and then with the parent. If there still is no improvement in the actions of the student, the driver will approach the principal to discuss the situation.

The school principal will be notified of students who misbehave on the bus, who will follow school and division protocols to resolve the issues. Depending on the circumstances, the principal may suspend a student from riding the bus until the matter has been resolved.

What should I do if my child is having problems with other children on the bus or the bus driver?

Your child should report any problems with other children on the bus to the driver and the principal.

If your child is having problems with their bus driver, they should let you know, and you should communicate those issues to your school principal.

Why does my child have to cross a busy road to get to their pick-up location?

Student safety is our number one concern. Depending on where a stop is located along a route, your child may need to cross a street on their way to their stop. Should you have a concern relating to the location of the bus stop, please contact the Transportation Officer 780-690-6318. Parents are responsible for their child’s safety until they get on the bus and after they get off the bus.

What should I do if my child has not arrived home at the usual time?

Depending on traffic and weather conditions, your child’s arrival could be delayed by as much as nine minutes.

If the bus is delayed by more than nine minutes, you will receive a Synrevoice message updating you on the status of your bus.

Contact your school or the Division Transportation Officer (Cell: 780.690.6318) if your bus service is provided by our Division, or the appropriate transportation contact if your bus service is provided by another division.

What happens if our bus breaks down while on the route?

The bus company will contact our office and a replacement bus will be dispatched if necessary. We will send a Synrevoice message to parents to let them know their bus will be late.

What is the policy for my child bringing items on the bus with them?

Due to Alberta Transportation safety regulations, any items that cannot be safely secured and kept in a backpack (sports equipment, musical instruments, scooters and skateboards, etc.) cannot be brought on the bus. All items secured in backpacks or otherwise must not pose a safety threat or risk to students, drivers or the general public.

Can my child bring a friend from school home with them on the bus?

Due to safety and security issues, and capacity on our buses, only registered riders are allowed on the bus. If your child wants to bring a friend home from school, you will need to make alternate transportation plans.

Can parents ride the school bus with their child?

Due to safety and seat capacity issues on our buses, parents are not permitted to ride to or from school on the bus with their child.

What if I am not at the bus stop to pick up my kindergarten child?

Parents are to meet their kindergarten child at the bus stop. If they are not able to be there, and the kindergarten child does not have older siblings to walk with, then as a parent you should make arrangements in advance to have another responsible person guide your child home. You should also let the bus driver know of your arrangement.

If the driver feels that the safety and security of your child is in jeopardy they will keep the student on the bus and when safe to do so will notify the school. The school will try to contact you or the child’s other contacts. The driver will take the student back to the school so you can pick them up. If you cannot be contacted before the school staff leaves for the day, the principal will need to make a decision for the wellbeing of your child which may include contacting appropriate child welfare authorities.