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General Bus Information

STAR Catholic provides busing service through a variety of options including cooperative busing agreements with public school boards which operate buses in the area or region where our students reside.

STAR Catholic School Division does not own or operate any of its own buses. We partner with other school divisions and contractors to provide our school bus service. Our Division provides transportation for students who live 2.4 km or further from their designated school, and who lived within our formed school boundaries. For students who reside less than 2.4 kms of their designated school or outside the division formed boundaries, there may be “conditional” busing options available. Please contact the Division Transportation Office (cell: 780.690.6318) if you require more information.


What does “designated school” mean?

The STAR Catholic Board of Trustees determine “designated schools” based on where a student lives, how far they live from their school, and the school’s programming. Please contact your local school principal to confirm your designated school.

What does “school of choice” mean?

While a specific school may be your “designated school,” there may be reasons why you may want to send your child to a different school within the jurisdiction. Any school that is not your “designated school” is considered to be a “school of choice.” Busing is not provided for school of choice.

What does “formed boundaries” mean?

Through a formation process, separate school divisions or districts are assigned specific boundaries for which they are responsible by a Ministerial Order. Although Alberta students may attend any school they choose, separate school divisions only receive transportation funding for a student if that student lives within the division’s formed boundaries.

What does Conditional Rider mean?

Conditional Rider means a student who is not funded for transportation by the Alberta Government through Alberta Education and approved by STAR Catholic School Division to ride a bus subject to certain conditions such as payment of fees.

Our family lives less than 2.4 km from our designated school. Are we still able to receive bus service?

Parents of students who live closer than 2.4 km from their designated school may apply for “Conditional” bus service, however, there must be space on the bus route, students must use an existing bus stop, and parents are required to pay a busing fee and the.

Bus service is not available to all areas. Please contact your school office to see if bus service is available in your area.

When should my child arrive at their designated stop in the morning?

Your child should be at their designated bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive in the morning. Buses are required to keep on schedule and cannot wait.

Why can’t the bus pick my child up in front of our house?

School bus routes are developed to allow the school bus to travel the most direct and safest route through neighborhoods on the way to and from the school. Every additional stop impacts the length of time students are on the bus and the number of buses that may be required to provide bus service to all Division schools. Side streets are not designed for large trucks or buses.

How are bus stops determined?

School bus routes are determined each year, based on the numbers of approved and registered bus riders.

Student pick-up and drop-off locations may change from time to time, based upon changes in ridership (riders cancelling, new students added, etc.), location of students within the bus service area, and the safest location for the bus to stop along the roadway.

Can my child be dropped off at an alternate location (i.e. daycare, family friend’s home, etc.) from where they are picked up in the morning?

Pick-up and drop-off locations are to be identical, as this simplifies the process of creating the most efficient bus routes for student ride times, and other aspects of our routes.

An alternate drop-off location may be considered, as long as it is another stop that already exists on the same bus route, and remains consistent every day.

Is there a maximum ride time?

While there is no maximum ride time, routes are planned to be as efficient as possible in limiting the duration of time your child is on the bus.

Who do I call if my child won’t be on the bus because they are sick, away or being picked up by someone else?

Call your child’s school to let them know if they will not be on the bus or at school if they are sick, away, or being picked up. If your child is not at their stop when the bus arrives, the driver will assume they will not be riding that day. Buses are required to keep on schedule and cannot wait.

What happens to our bus service if we move during the school year?

Notify your school office of your address change, as your new location may require a change to your existing bus route, or make it necessary to assign your child to an entirely different route. Please complete a new busing request form as soon as you know you are moving as it may take up to two weeks for a route adjustment to be made and for you to be notified.

How are parents notified of changes to their child’s bus route?

If your children are riders on buses operated by another school division, contact their transportation department directly to find out how they will notify you of changes in bus schedules.

Our Division uses an automated tool called Synrevoice to send emails and/or voice messages to families whose children ride our school buses, to notify them of changes to their bus route, based on weather or other issues. You can also find updated bus schedule and bus run status information on our website. Please inquire about the STAR Catholic Bus APP.

Please ensure your school secretary has your current email address and phone numbers, so you can be contacted when necessary. The number called will be the primary number listed at school.

Will my child receive a pass to use on the school bus?

Yes, you will receive a pass for your child when bus fees are paid.

Students are required to have their bus pass with them when traveling on the bus, so it can be shown to the bus driver if requested.

Students who do not show their pass, will be taken to school on the bus in the morning, but parents will need to make alternate arrangements to get them home in the afternoon.

If a student loses their bus pass, they must come to their school office to receive a replacement pass and a $5 administration fee will be charged. It is a good idea for parents to attach their child’s bus pass to their backpack using a zip-tie to keep it from getting lost.